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Friday, September 15, 2006

Friends are LifeSavers

Hey everyone! This is Mike, yesterday he single handedly saved my blog so I owe him a ton! I've known Mike for over 8 years now. WOW! When I went to Texas he pretty much got me my job which is one of the main reasons I can do what I do now. I owe him a lot.

Yesterday I found out that my blog was not showing up correctly on Internet Explorer and on Firefox. Actually it looked horrible, so i'm sorry for any of you who had to see it that way. I called Mike up and said, "please, please, please help me. I don't know where else to go." And Mike, being Mike said, no problem I can fix it in about 30 minutes. Well about an hour later he called to tell me he figured it all out! What a pure genious!!! So it is all better now and hopefully you can all really enjoy my blog now! A big shout out to Mike!!! Thank you so much!!!