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Saturday, September 02, 2006

I love my job!!

People always tell me that I have the best job. And honestly, I do!

I love that I can photograph the most important times in peoples lives. A little over a year ago I photographed Katie and Josh's wedding. It was gorgeous and was such a great wedding. A couple of months ago Katie called to tell me she was pregnant and wanted me to take pictures of their new baby. We did a maternity session with them at the time and then I just waited until they called again to tell me that their brand new little boy was born.

Well a week ago I heard from Katie and Aiden DeWall was born. He is now 4 weeks and yesterday we were able to do his first portrait session. We have 2 more to go throughout his first year of life! I love this about my job.

Everyone welcome Aiden DeWall!! Isn't he a cutie!!