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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pictage Partner Conference

On September 6 - 7 I was in LA for the Pictage conference. It really was an amazing time of learning and community! We had over 15 people from Arizona go to this conference and most of us hung out the entire time and have really become great friends! I have learned so much from this amazing community of photographers and have truly been blessed! I have learned that community really is a wonderful thing.

Above is Jen and I. Jen is a great photographer in the Arizona area and we had a blast hanging out.. she was my roomie, along with Melissa.


Pictage is a huge part of my business. I have partnered with them to do so much for me. They are how all of you view your images and they are also my wonderful lab. I have been with them for 3 years and have grown because of it! This conference was put on by them and we had some great speakers that shared so much! One of my new favorite photographers who really inspired me is Me Ra Koh. She is an awesome person and had so many great things to say. A few others how were amazing speakers were Nathan and Amber Holritz, Pepper Nix, and Davina Fear. Of course there were so many others, but I think those were some that really impacted me and hopefully will make my business even better.

I'm really excited to implement some of the things I learned to help and benifet all of you!! Davina talked about fun and different engagement sessions, Amber and Nathan talked about working from your home and how to make it work for me, Pepper Nix talked about sharing the love. There really was a lot of love going on there!!

Well, I must go. I have a wedding today in Tucson and am very very excited to show you more great images from the wedding! And to leave you with a fun picture.. this is Tim. He is a great photographer located in Florida and is a ton of fun! He took some of my pictures of me for me last time we met in Indiana and it was fun photoshoot. So here is a tribute to Tim!!

So in closing, I would LOVE to hear feedback from all of you checking out my blog! Feel free to comment and even maybe tell me what you would like to see or hear from you! I want to update this blog regularly with things that you are interested in!! Thanks everyone!!!