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Friday, October 20, 2006

Catherine and Christopher Engagement

A couple of days ago I was able to take Catherine and Christophers engagement pictures. They are getting married in December at the Four Seasons and i'm so excited for their wedding.

Lately i've been sending out a questionaire for the engagement session so I can kind of get to know what couples like to do together. We then will decide where to do the engagement session from that questionaire.

When I got back the questionaire from Catherine I was thrilled with what I saw! They like to ride motor bikes. We decided that we would meet that day in downtown Tempe and do some fun pictures there and then head over to South Mountain and take some pictures of them with their bikes! We had a blast.

When doing engagement sessions I don't want them to be boring. I want us all to have fun. In Tempe I told them to act like they were on a date walking around town. They went into this really neat old bookstore where I was able to get some really neat shots!!

We then headed to South Mountain to get some awesome pictures with their bikes!! They were so thrilled to do this because it is something they really like to do together. By this time they had relaxed a little and we got some great pictures.

When planing your engagement session, think of things that you like to do or unique ways to capture your personality! I'm always up for fun new ideas!!!

Thanks Catherine and Christopher for being willing to think outside of the box. I had a blast with you!! I can't wait until the wedding!