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Thursday, November 16, 2006

LeAnne and Mark

I had such a great weekend!!! LeAnne and Mark were such a blast. Their wedding party was so much fun as well. Seriously just look at these pictures and tell me they weren't a crazy fun group!

The wedding was at the McCormick Ranch Golf Club and the wedding party got ready at the Millineum Hotel, right across the lake.

The Dress and Shoes

LeAnne getting ready.

I absolutly LOVE this shot. It is one of my favorites. LeAnne looks so HOT!!!

Mark and LeAnne caught on fast... I like lots of kissing:)

Don't they look like super models?

The girls were awesome. They had a great time and came up with some fun shots to do!!

The entire wedding party was crazy!!! We all had a lot of fun taking the pictures. LeAnne didn't want anything stuffy. She kept telling everyone to jump or run or do something different.

Now tell me we didn't have fun with these two!!

The guys were great! We played football and goofed around.

The Ceremony. LeAnne's mom walking down the aisle.

LeAnne and her dad. This was a special moment. LeAnne is his Angel, so it was hard letting go. However, in his speech he thought pretty highly of Mark. I actually cried during the toasts. This was a special couple.

They did it!!!!! Pure Joy!

Now sometimes in Arizona you can get an amazing sunset, but sometimes you can't. The night before the sunset was nonexistent... but on Saturday this sunset was there just for LeAnne and Mark.

You were both so much fun to work with, and your wedding party was great as well. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. If you all want to see a slideshow of some of our favorites throughout the day just click here.