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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Heidi and Jake

I've been dying to post these pictures, but i'm trying to post as many days as I can, so this post had to wait till today! So glad it's going up!

This is Heidi and Jake. Heidi has been a friend of mine for over 9 years now and Jake is her husband. Now that I have finally met Jake I consider him a friend as well.. he rocked and is perfect for Heidi! While I was in Austin for Melissa's wedding I was able to take some pictures of them. They had a bad experience with their wedding pictures and told me that they don't have a good picture of the two of them. I hear this so much and it makes me so sad... so I told them that we had to go do a sort of "engagment session" with them.

We met up in Downtown Austin, which was amazing, and spent an hour or so walking all around taking some awesome pictures.

I LOVE going to new places to take pictures, it just brings so much creative freedom and I get so excited when I see cool places that will make a picture! Walking around in Austin for me was like seeing a little girl in a candy shop... I kept saying, "wait stop I see a picture", "oh stop again", "this is the last one I promise.. oh wait there is another one"!!! I couldn't get enough of it.

So, for some of you these are the pictures you have been dying to see!! Enjoy!!

Heidi and Jake, you both rock and did such a phenominal job!! I hope you LOVE them!!!

I must give credit to MaryBeth Tyson, who is another of my wonderful friends. She came along with me and shot some amazing stuff. This is one of her pieces.

This is another MB shot... I LOVED it so I had to share.

Marybeth also shot this picture, which I thought was fun.. me in action.

This is the picture I was shooting.

Driving around I saw this blue wall which just made me so happy.. It was so different and I envisioned so much with it! You will see this again in some family shots I will hopefully be able to post this week!

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