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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finally I can share the exciting news!!!

Hello Friends. The time has come.. I now get to share the exciting news that I have been talking about all summer. There are 2 major things that have been going on this summer and I have been wanting to tell them to you so bad, but have had to refrain.

The first exciting news is something that I have been contemplating doing for the last few years now and after much thought and consideration we have decided that now is the time...... We are CHANGING the name of MichelleAllen Photography. I know, this might come as a shocker to all of you, but there has been so much confusion as to who Michelle Allen is that we have decided that we need to start going by my name to help with the confusion, so the company soon will be officially be changed to Kimberly Jarman Photography. Within the next few months you will be seeing subtle changes. You will still be able to access everything as you have before.. nothing other than the name has changed... I am still the photographer, my husband is still my assistant, we are still the same company, but with a different name.

For those of you who don't know the history behind MichelleAllen Photography I will briefly share that with you. When I first started my company I was trying to figure out what to call my company, it was before I was married so I didn't want to call it my maiden name because at the time I was engaged and knew my name was going to change, but I wasn't married yet, thus the debate of what to call my company. After much thought we had an amazing brainstorm to call it MichelleAllen Photography, which is my middle name and Jamie, my husbands, middle name. It sounded great and was the perfect solution.

Little did I know that the name would confuse people like crazy. Everyone wants to know where Michelle is or why my company is named someone else's name. For the last 4 years we have been debating on what to do. Finally I realized that for everyone's sakes we had to change the name.

Therefore, MichelleAllen Photography is now Kimberly Jarman Photography. Below is our new logo!
The second part of the exciting news is that we now have an official studio in Downtown Mesa. The space is phenomenal and I am so excited to work from there and meet clients as well. We are in the process of renovating it and getting it ready to open.

This really is an exciting thing. I have been needing a place to meet with all of you for the longest time and now we have the perfect place to look at pictures, talk to you about your wedding, show you albums, and have fun. We will be having an open house in the next few months so keep checking the blog to hear more news about that.

Below is a sneak peak of what we have been doing over the last month.

My wonderful husband doing the manual labor.

My daddy came down from Pinetop for 2 weekends and helped so much. I couldn't have done it without him. Thanks dad!!

By the 2nd day of laying floors down Jamie was hurting so bad. It was quite funny.. he was moaning and groaning and limping:) Tonight we are going to go to the jacuzzi to help relax his poor legs!
Keep looking for more updates! We will post more pictures as well as share the new updates with the name change.